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I’m a Gen-Z who is equal parts tech savvy, hyper-creative and tapped into all things trending!


Primed by the digital intuitiveness that comes with growing up alongside social media, I discovered my love for digital content creation when I joined the high school yearbook staff. Shortly after, I attended Virginia Tech to study Public Relations & Marketing. 


Along the 4 year journey to getting my diploma, I explored all types of content roles.

To name a few, I worked as a social media manager and photographer on a political campaign, a writer for the #1 online publication for college women, a consultant for a church in Ethiopia, a PR practitioner for a non-profit, a local videographer, head of social media for a landscaping company, and head of social media and PR for a senior living business.... needless to say, I love digital content creation and social media strategy.

In my last year of my studies, I turned my digital marketing internship at The Shark Group into the role of YouTube Coordinator for Shark Tank and FUBU's Daymond John! 

I graduated from Virginia Tech, earning my degrees in Public Relations, Marketing and Integrative Health and Wellness, as well as my Certificate in PR from the Universal Accreditation Board, and realized that I wanted to continue pursuing content creation and strategy further.

I took the knowledge and experience I'd gained from years of freelancing and turned it into a career - now running my own social media marketing and content strategy agency with the support of a few talented freelancers.

I strive today to create a brand that makes an impact, so naturally, I work with brands who do the same. I'm excited about any business built to help and uplift others: women-owned businesses, Black-owned businesses, health and wellness brands, entrepreneurs, and businesses in the service industry.

If you’re also interested in making a positive impact that produces massive income, send me a message down below!

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