I'm Abby! 

A little about me: I'm 22 years old and was born raised in Blacksburg VA. I graduated from Virginia Tech admist the pandemic and earned my degrees in Public Relations, Marketing and Integrative Health and Wellness, as well as my Certificate in PR from the Universal Accreditation Board.

I'm also a freelance content creator, social media manager, video editor, blogger and business owner!

Whether it be through writing, creating videos or transforming a social presence, there's nothing more fulfilling to me than taking a vision and molding it into something tangible.

I discovered my love for content creation when I worked on my high school yearbook staff. Shortly after, I attended Virginia Tech to study Public Relations, Marketing and Integrative Health and Wellness.

Along the 4 year journey to getting my diploma, I explored all types of content creation - No seriously, I tried everything.

To name a few, I worked as a social media manager and photographer on a political campaign, a writer for the #1 online publication for college women, a consultant for a church in Ethiopia, a PR practitioner for a non-profit, a local videographer, head of social media for a landscaping company, and head of social media and PR for a senior living business.... you get the picture.

Senior year of college, I turned my digital marketing internship at The Shark Group into the role of YouTube Coordinator for Shark Tank and FUBU's Daymond John - officially making him my coolest client ever! 


In just a few months, I increased the channel's subscribers by over 2000% and views by over 300%. My role grew, and I was also able to get the experience of writing blogs for and planning social media strategy for brand deals.

I realized that with all of these clients and the crazy ride of business experience I'd had, I could turn my freelancing work into a real business. I can now proudly say I am a business owner and am continuing to expand my clientele! 

I'm striving to create a brand that makes an impact, and I have a special admiration for brands that do the same. I'm excited about any business built to help and uplift others: women-owned businesses, Black-owned businesses, health and wellness brands, social activist groups and businesses in the service industry.

Want to work with me? Send me a message down below!